Welcome to the Byting Willows Project!

Welcome friends, collectors, and design aficionados, this blog will update everyone involved with the Byting Willows Project.

For those of you that are new here, a little bit of background information.

The origins of the Byting Willows Project lie in the artwork that Dine’ artist and graphic designer Damian Jim created  in the nineties and early two thousand for the Twin Rocks Trading Post in Bluff Utah. The designs sparked a revolution in contemporary Dine’ basket weaving, and was featured in various basket books and an exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Utah in 2013.  The story of this revolution has been told from the weavers perspective and showcased examples of the finished baskets in a large design catalog.

This project will – for the first time – tell the story from the perspective of the graphic designer himself as well as publish a complete catalog of his designs in a book and an accompanying App.

The venture will culminate in an exhibit at 1Spot Gallery in Phoenix Arizona, in Spring 2015.  The exhibit will tell the story with examples of the weaving’s and demonstrate how strong the designs are when interpreted by master artists in other materials.

Join us on this exciting journey as well will update you regularly on its progress on this blog!

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