Randy “Boogie” Barton

Randy “Boogie” Barton

 Randy L Barton | Neo-Contemporary Dine’ Artist

 My artwork is a visual tool meant for educating the people. I explore the teachings from navajo creation stories to remind myself of how to find the answers & solutions to life problems.

The foundation of all my recent paintings derive from navajo healing ceremonies, therefore the beauty way & protection way can be found in every one of my pieces, as well as in my signature.

You will notice iconic symbols that represent ancient knowledge. The brush strokes, gradient backgrounds & shapes represent the colors seen in the minds eye of the seer. I am drawn to creating abstract landscapes manifested from the spirit realm so that the paintings become gifts of prayer, reflection & remembrance of the dine culture…

I paint the vivid visions of the past, present & future of the five fingered people.


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