It takes 90 days to establish a routine or habit…..

thats what I teach customers day in day out, implementing changes in their facilities. Easier said than done I have to admit but absolutely necessary.

Still debating if we will be able to get a contract with a “niche publisher” for the Byting Willows Book or if we will publish it ourselves, I attended a writers and publishers conference in Camarillo CA last week to find answers to all the questions buzzing around in my head. SPAWN (Small Publishers And Writers Network) sponsored the event and the panels and speakers were fantastic. I now have a “how to” guide when it comes to self publishing as well as learned some nice tricks of the trade and was able to network.

Newly focused, energized and motivated, it is time to find space in my life to write and create. Working from home, sitting at the same desk switching from the PC to the MAC doesn’t sound too appealing, hence I found a nice coffee shop to spend a couple of hours after work each day to move this project to the next milestone.

Ask me in 90 days what I have accomplished 🙂


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